Gender Discrimination

Several federal and state laws, including Title VII of the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Equal Pay Act of 1963 and the Texas Commission on Human Rights Act, protect employees from gender discrimination. Gender discrimination (or sex discrimination) occurs when an employee is treated differently because of gender. Gender discrimination is unlawful when it adversely affects the terms and conditions of employment, including type of position, pay, title, schedule, leave, promotion, and even whether or not a person is hired.

Gender discrimination comes in many forms, and is often subtle. Proving a gender discrimination case does not require blatant gender-based slurs or comments. Often, gender discrimination cases are proved using information obtainable from the employer through the legal process, such as compensation and promotion data and information about how members of the opposite gender have been treated in other areas, such as job assignments and performance reviews. If you believe that you have been subjected to discrimination because of your gender, we can help.

Gender discrimination also implicates other areas of employment law, including the Family and Medical Leave Act, pregnancy discrimination and some forms of discrimination based on family responsibilities. Pregnancy discrimination and retaliation for taking maternity leave are forms of unlawful sex discrimination. Our firm has a long and successful history of advocating for the rights of employees who have confronted gender discrimination, sex discrimination and pregnancy discrimination.

Sexual harassment is another form of gender discrimination. Title VII and the Texas Commission on Human Rights Act also prohibit sexual harassment, which can include requests for sexual favors in exchange for favorable treatment in employment settings, as well as harassment that creates a hostile work environment. To learn more about sexual harassment, please visit our Sexual Harassment page.

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Asserting your rights can be difficult and confusing when you have been faced with gender discrimination and sexual harassment. Employment law attorneys will provide the experienced guidance you need to ensure your rights are protected.

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