Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment remains a growing and developing area of employment law. Employment Lawyers are some of the select few who have successfully represented numerous individuals in complex employment law matters such as sexual harassment cases. Sexual harassment is made illegal by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and in Texas also by […]

Gender Discrimination

Several federal and state laws, including Title VII of the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Equal Pay Act of 1963 and the Texas Commission on Human Rights Act, protect employees from gender discrimination. Gender discrimination (or sex discrimination) occurs when an employee is treated differently because of gender. Gender discrimination is unlawful when […]

Disability Discrimination

If you believe that you have been denied a reasonable accommodation for a disability or medical condition that you have, or that you have been discriminated against because of your disability or medical condition, an employment attorneys. Both Federal and Texas law contain protections for workers with disabilities. The three primary features of these laws […]

FMLA Violations

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provides broad protection for employees who are sick and unable to work. These laws also protect employees who wish to take time off from work to care for a family member. Employment lawyers ¬†represent people who have been denied leave by their employers or who have experienced retaliation […]

Age Discrimination

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (“ADEA”) and a similar Texas law (the Texas Commission on Human Rights Act) were created to protect job applicants and employees 40 years of age and older against discrimination because of age. Age discrimination takes many forms, including preferences for younger people in hiring, firing, benefits, compensation, […]

Racial Discrimination

The most common form of discrimination investigated by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is race discrimination. 2011 data from the E.E.O.C. indicates that 35.4 percent of the claims filed with the E.E.O.C. concern race discrimination. Both Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Texas Commission on Human Rights Act prohibit […]

Whistleblower Claims

It can be difficult to report an employer who is engaging in illegal or improper conduct. You may fear retaliation or blacklisting within your industry, and those fears may be well-justified. However, you should also be aware that there are numerous federal and Texas statutes that protect you against retaliation by your employer for reporting […]

Whistle Blower Law

Other Federal Whistleblower Statutes There are 21 federal whistleblower statutes, covering everything from safe drinking water reporting to airline safety. Each covers retaliation for a different, and fairly specific, kind of whistleblowing. Rather than detail each one here, we have listed them below, with links to each statute. Click on any statute to see the […]